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Dr. Pineda advocates and embraces the following main principles and values:


  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Leadership and Excellence


  • Initiative and Innovation
  • Rigor and Integrity 


Public Policy and Institutional Redesign of Public Agencies

Design, Formulation and Implementation of Public Policy.


  • Analysis, Design Implementation and Evaluation of Public Policy 
  • Decision-making and Analysis of Governmental Decisions
  • Design and Implementation of Programs
  • Institutional Redesign of Government Agencies and Best Practices on New Institutionalism
  • Strategies of Public Policy Reform
  • Communication strategy with Stakeholders in Public Organizations

Higher Education, Leadership and International Education


Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Public Policies and Best Practices in Higher Education Institutions.


  • Redesign of the Academic and Administrative Affairs Divisions

  • Best Practices in Student Affairs, Recruitment and Distance Education

  • Leadership in Higher Education Institutions

  • Executive International Education 

  • Best Practices in Founding Academic Programs  

  • Policies of Relationships Between  Office of The President and the Board of Regents

  • Mentoring in Higher Education Institutions

  • Formulation of Policies of International Education



  • Diversity and Collaboration
  • Hopefulness and Fulfillment

State and Local Government and Corporate Governance


Policy Analysis of  State and Local Governments including Intergovernmental Dimensions of Public-Sector Activity. The Corporate Governance helps to improve the design of the agencies of government and decision-making processes.


  • Design of Government Branches and Policies of Evaluating the Performance of Government Institutions
  • Design of State and Local Government Agencies
  • Systems of Transparency and Accountability
  • Strategies of Communication and Seeking a more Harmonious Relationship of the Public with the Media, the Civil Society groups and other Political Actors.
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